How to be an Authorpreneur

This word is for the authors who are ready to turn their writing into a business. An authorpreneur is someone willing to do more than just write their book; they are in the business of publishing. The authorpreneur is prepared to do everything it takes to publish and sustain writing as a career, often as just themselves.

So how do you take the leap into author entrepreneurship?

Write what you love

Authorpreneurship is not for the faint of heart. To run your writing as a business, you have to write, edit, design, publish, market, and more. That’s a lot on your plate, so why force writing something you don’t enjoy?

If you don’t love what you’re writing, it’s going to show. Be authentic, write what brings you joy, and have fun during the process. You wanted to get into authorpreneurship because you love writing.

Write to market

That being said, to make a career out of authorship, you have to make money. What dollar success means to you is based on your perspective, but the authorpreneur intends to make money through this process. So, that means you have to write for the readers who are going to buy your work. Writing to market means you write with the intention of pleasing the readers and genres that are popular. Aim correctly and you’ll be making money.

Authorpreneurs go a step further; not only can they write to market, they have found the happy space between writing to market and writing what they love. Enjoy romance and fantasy? Shoot for YA. Love epic tales? Add some space opera or science fiction and you have a target.

Build your life around it

Authorpreneurs understand that to be successful, you have to work hard and dedicate yourself to the entire process. It’s not enough to just write when inspiration strikes. The authorpreneur builds their life around writing and business. They get up early, stay up late, write while waiting for their kid to get out of school and get to the car, and even write on the toilet.

Put simply, they make the time to write by building it into their day.

Grow your readership

If you want to sell books, you have to have readers waiting for your books. How do you do that? You build a mailing list, gather interest in Facebook groups or reddit, and connect with the reading community. Authorpreneurs show their authentic selves, share their work, and give readers a reason to follow them.

What fits into your day? Can you write a blog? What if you post a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter? Are their pieces of your life you’re willing to share to help readers see the real you? Grow your readership now and have an audience waiting to buy your book the minute it goes live.

Dabble in business

Authorpreneurs are in this field for more than just writing. While writing opened the gates to authorpreneurship, business is what sustains the career of writers. That’s why it’s not only important to learn writing techniques, you also need to focus on the business of publishing, marketing, editing, design, and more.

No, you don’t need a Master’s degree in each of these fields to be successful, nor do you need background at all. Study the information available online (reputable resources strongly suggested, especially when studying financials). You can learn a lot from the opportunities around you as well. Ask friends to give you some pointers or find others who can help train you. Even better, find an authorpreneur mentor who can share their experiences and give you direct authorship advice.

Be consistent

Authorpreneurs are allowed to take vacations, yes, but they also understand the importance of hard work now. Building a strong foundation requires staying consistent in the business. Authors who publish often have a greater chance of their books falling into the right hands at the right time to gain an audience. It might take a third or fourth book (or series) before the right person sees your work and goes back to read your entire backlog.

As indie authors (assuming a relatively or entirely unknown name), having a catalog for readers to see that you are a consistent writer helps them make decisions about purchasing books from you. If they like one, they’ll likely find another one of your titles to read as well. Keep them interested by producing new content as often as you can. Those expectations help readers connect with you.

Always be adapting

The publishing and business world is always changing. What worked today might not work tomorrow. Authorpreneurs aren’t constantly on the pulse of changes, but they do pay attention and adapt as the landscape changes. It doesn’t even have to be publishing related! Many writers hopped on the TikTok trend and connected with an entirely new audience just by producing short, 15-second clips about their books or writing.

Build confidence

Authorpreneurs, especially new to the business, sometimes struggle with their confidence. It often feels like you are publishing out into the void, shouting and hoping that someone will pay attention to what you have to offer. But the real success comes with continued practice. Like in sports, the more you develop the skills and the more often you put yourself out there, the better you get at it. Building confidence as an authorpreneur can be as simple as developing a daily writing habit to a dedication to learning one new business challenge every week.

Are you ready to turn your aspiring author dreams into published reality? Own the title authorpreneur and roll your sleeves up. It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it.

Laura Winter is a self-published author dedicated to helping your authorpreneur journey. She has launched her books on little to no budget to prove you don’t have to invest an exorbitant amount of money to be successful. Find her work on Amazon, Patreon, and join her tribe to get fiction updates and sneak peeks at future books.

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