How Fiction Authors can Utilize Podcasts

As authors, we are constantly trying to find new ways to get our work in front of as many people as possible. The authorpreneur has to be prepared to use many different marketing platforms to reach new readers, or in this case, listeners.

Podcasting is the next wave, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. Everyone is adopting the relatively cheap new platform, and with a low cost entry and very small learning curve, it’s the perfect way to help get your fiction into the world using a new medium.

By rolling up your sleeves a bit, here’s how you can utilize podcasts as an author.

Book Podcast

Serialized books are a great resource to get into fiction podcasting. You release a new chapter in audio format however often you want and encourage people to read along with your book. This is also a great way to create a short story podcast. You can offer one a month or you can offer them whenever you finish writing.

There are a lot of fiction podcasts that will hire a cast to play their characters, but it can also be as simple as recording snippets of an audiobook. Chapter by chapter, go through your story and share it with the world.

Author Newsletter Podcast

Want to make your author newsletter really stand out more than before? Why don’t you record a podcast or video and add it to your newsletter?

You can talk about your characters, give a little AMA, and even chat about the inspiration behind the story. Connect with your audience in a new way and offer a personalized experience. Adding video is a simple addition because it doesn’t have to be fancy. Show your human side.

Commentary Podcasts

Creating a companion podcast is an easy way to keep readers engaged with your book. Add the link to your podcast via your ebook and encourage readers to join you after certain points in your book. Perhaps you give a wrap up summary for everyone who finishes your book and share some really fun behind the scenes information with them.

I (Laura Winter) do this commentary every week and have a conversation with my husband about the book. I share it with my Patreon subscribers who are invested in my material (I also give them my first book for free so they can follow along). They can get a new chapter commentary every week which includes insight into the chapter and fun questions about me as an author.

Beta Listeners

Testing a new story? Why don’t you create a unique experience for them and run new ideas across a podcast first. The great thing about reading your work aloud, similar to the book podcast, is that you catch errors and little mistakes that you didn’t see at first. You can breathe life into your characters, speak how you intended them to speak, and even get some feedback on the story.

Not everyone has time to sit down and beta read. Giving them a new medium to experience a story can help you gain traction later.

Entice Followers

Not only are there different ways to podcast your fiction, you can also give your listeners a little encouragement to support you. A gentle nudge toward the book you’re reading is a great way for them to follow along. And, if you’re really talented, you can leave them at a cliffhanger that makes them begging for the next podcast… which might encourage them to pick up the book so they can find out what happens next.

Plus, podcast listeners are always looking for the next thing to follow. You might reach a reader who otherwise wouldn’t find your books. Adding links to your show or providing an easy platform for them to find your book helps make the buying process much simpler. You never know who might be listening!

Interview on Podcasts

There are a lot of book review podcasts, book clubs, and more that are looking for authors to interview. Reach out to some of your favorite podcasts and see if they’d be interested in hosting you for an interview. Not only do you reach a new audience by going on their show, you’re going to look more professional when you know how to record and conduct yourself on the episode. Practice makes perfect!

If you’re considering a fiction podcast, make sure your story fits the mold. Heavy description is not often found in a podcast, focusing more on dialogue and interaction than scene setting (think screenplay). Still, there are many creative ways to share your work with the world. Let us know in the comments if you have an idea on how to make a fiction podcast work!

Did you know: Author Bound has a podcast dedicated to help you on your self publishing journey. If you’d like to get more advice directly in your ears, check out Author Bound on your favorite podcast app. You can also support this blog and podcast on Patreon.

Laura Winter is a self-published author dedicated to helping your authorpreneur journey. She has launched her books on little to no budget to prove you don’t have to invest an exorbitant amount of money to be successful. Find her work on Amazon, Patreon, and join her tribe to get fiction updates and sneak peeks at future books.

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