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Mastering Your Book Cover

From DIY to hiring a designer, understand what goes into a good book cover.

Episode 11 – Strategies to Prioritize Writing

Let’s make this our writing year. But how can we get started and keep that momentum later in the year? These four strategies will help you break your goals down and actually get writing done. Blog – 4 Ways to Prioritize Writing Website

Episode 10 – Goal Setting for Authors

We wrap up 2020 and the first season of the Author Bound podcast talking about setting goals and how to set yourself up for a successful new year. Check out our page at and share your goals for 2021. We’ll see you next year!

Episode 9 – Self Care for Authors

This week we talk about different ways to care for ourselves, especially during the holidays. Have other ideas? Tweet us @authorbound with your suggestion. Find us at and be sure to rate and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. You can support this podcast and other resources on Patreon.


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