What We Do

Laura has been writing about writing for two years now, and refers to herself as the “swiss author knife”, learning all aspects of becoming an authorpreneur so she can help you throughout your entire process. She has sixteen books self-published and is currently rapid releasing a new fantasy series.

Aspiring Published Author.


Get tips that have been tried and tested as Founder Laura Winter-Owens navigated the self-publishing field. Learn how to become an authorpreneur and launch your own writing career, or just focus on getting your book written.


Want a companion guide to DIY your self-publishing journey? You don’t have to have a huge budget to make it happen. Read The Low-to-No Budget Self-Publishing Guide for strategies on writing your book, making quality choices, and marketing your novel.


We are dedicated to bringing you the best information in as many formats as possible, which is why Author Bound is building an audio experience for the busy authorpreneur. Stay tuned for new episodes.

“Getting into the literary world can seem overwhelming when first starting out, but Laura can help you establish a solid footing. She is one of the most creative and dedicated writers that I have had the pleasure in conversing with. It is thanks to her guidance and knowledge that I was able to accomplish a lot and stay motivated with my own writing. Not only does she give advice, but she also goes above and beyond by giving me resources in her spare time. If you are looking for a person who cares and knows what she’s doing, Laura is it.”


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